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You may have heard the name Jeremy McGovern as the commentators cheer a goal for the West Coast Eagles on a Sunday afternoon, or as Adrian Barich reports on a stellar performance by this defender on the Monday night news. What you may not have heard, is how Jeremy is also kicking goals in his latest role as Sales Director at Vicore Construction.

With a new born baby in the house and a budding AFL career set to take him all the way to the MCG in October, it may be hard to imagine that there’s a spare minute in the day to take on such a demanding role. But Jeremy says it’s what our company offers to the WA housing market that makes him so passionate about the new role.

Jeremy believes that what sets Vicore Construction apart from competitors on the market is the innovative practices, stylish designs, and the way in which the company are bold enough to use new products and stand by them.

“We research and trial a majority of our products before using them on any Vicore Construction home,” he said.

Jeremy explained that Vicore Construction are constantly looking for and working with products that allow us to create unique and quality designs. If you’re wondering what this may entail, he encourages you to lock in a sales meeting and all will be revealed…

In every project, our company chooses to build with lightweight material solutions, allowing for a quicker building process with a much more energy efficient outcome. Many times, the material of choice is EPS cladding like Masterwall with lightweight render allowing architects and builders true design freedom.

Building with EPS cladding allows the Vicore Construction team a chance to challenge traditional building methods and to continue to push boundaries when it comes to creating masterpiece homes and commercial developments. Jeremy agrees, stating that products like Masterwall are the king of design freedom.

Simply put, lightweight solutions mean our designers can worry less about engineering issues and can focus on creating projects which set Vicore Construction apart from our competitors.

With all of this to consider, it’s no surprise that Jeremy is committed and passionate about his role with the company. He credits his football career to having taught him the key skills of discipline and commitment, traits which transfer to every task he undertakes with Vicore Construction.

“Commitment has been something football has taught me, and I bring that with me to Vicore Construction”.

Luckily, Jeremy’s club are flexible with allowing their players to embark on exciting projects outside of sport. With the full support of both teams; The West Coast Eagles and Vicore Construction, there’s nothing our super Sales Director can’t tackle.

In this new and exciting phase of growth, Jeremy highlights how the Vicore Construction team continue to inspire excellence within him by remaining market leaders and remaining at the forefront of innovation within the WA building market.


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