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At Vicore Construction, we consistently aim to design and create homes of the highest quality, leaving our clients with a masterpiece to enjoy for years to come. The level of excellence in our business comes from our years of industry experience, which totals in at over twenty.

Our business began back in 2016, by our Managing Director Daniel Jumeau, who had always dreamt of a successful career in the building industry. Daniel had worked in construction for years prior and said that it was his ultimate goal to have a company of his own into which he could really pour his pride and passion. And so, we saw the humble beginnings of Vicore Construction.

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Recognising a real gap in the market in terms of building cost-efficient homes with high-quality products and service, we began to shape what have become the core values that we adhere to till this day; quality design and build, modern methods of construction, leaders in lightweight construction and affordable luxury.

We have a deep understanding of the Western Australian market, knowing exactly what works with the environment and economics of our state. This knowledge allows us to build your home or development with speedy and achievable eco-efficiencies, and really sets our builds apart from the rest of our competitors.

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Our entire team is committed to producing the home of your dreams, whatever that may be. With the recent appointment of our Sales Director Jeremy McGovern, we are in a position to take Vicore Construction into a further stage of growth and success.

Jeremy’s choice to work with us was not a difficult one to make, and he says that the quality of work we produce through our modern methods of construction is why he felt like it was the perfect fit.


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One of the important lessons we’ve learnt over the years is that having a personalised touch is what really matters to our clients. Jeremy, in his new role as Sales Director, will be a driving force behind creating new opportunities and helping clients feel comfortable and reassured when choosing to build with us. His familiar face will not only continue to grace our TV screens but will become a regular part of the Vicore Construction team.

Jeremy has already had his skills put to the test by introducing fellow West Coast Eagles player, Jack Redden, to our team. From the first meeting with Daniel Jumeau, Jack knew exactly who we were and what we’re about. There was complete transparency about what our team could offer, and of course, Jack was eager to go ahead with the build.

Continuing to shape and build a strong team, and the connections the come with that, will ensure that Vicore Construction grow and evolve, reaching new goals while remaining at the forefront of the Perth building market.

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